ATTENTION!  Are you Always Dieting But Never Keeping The Weight Off? , Do You Suffer From Low Energy Levels, Joint Pain , Depression, Signs Of Premature Aging, and Low Self Esteem ? If You Answered YES to Any of These Questions, Then This May Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read ...

"Scientific Research Author Reveals The Only Clinically Proven
System In Existence That Will Show You How To Re-Program
Your Mind and Body
 to Automatically Lose Weight , Enjoy
Radient Health, Conquer Depression and 
Look And Feel 10 Years Younger, Using A Unique, 
Step-by-Step Method No One Else Will Tell You About... " 

Medical Research Author, Nutrition Specialist, and Health Consultant
Teaches You How To:

Immediately Begin Losing 3 Lbs a Week Consistantly, While Still Eating LOT's Of The Foods You Love Every Day And WITHOUT Going On A Starvation Diet, Eating Special Prepared Meals Or Doing Any Exercise! It's a Clinically Proven Revolutionary New Diet.
Forever Banish Symptoms Of Depression and Do It Naturally Without Prescription Drugs
Cancer Proof Your Body And Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Other Degenerative
Diseases Like Diabetes, Alzheimers,  CardioVascular Disease. Arthritus
Discover How You Can Go From Bone-On-Bone Crippling Knee Pain That Makes Walking Almost Impossible To Running...And Do It In Just 4 Weeks Without Surgery, Drugs Or A Knee Replacement.
Reverse Aging....Look And Feel 10 Years Younger Than Your Actual Age
Get the body of your dreams

Discover How Dan Robey Taught Thousands Of People Around The World How To
Get The Body Of Their Dreams, Look And Feel 10 Years Younger, And Do It Without:

  • Without Going On Starvation Diets

  • Without Getting a Facelift or Liposuction

  • Without Spending Hours In The Gym Every Day

  • Without Knee and Hip Replacements

  • Without The Dangerous Side Effects of Drugs
  By Dan Robey - Medical Researcher, Nutrition Specialist, Health Consultant and Author

Dear Success Seeker,

You're about to discover what may be the most powerful life changing system ever developed. It's
based on 1,00'0's of hours scientific research and It's the same system that thousands of men and
women around the world , just like you have used to get into the best shape of their lives, reverse
aging, reduce their risks of getting cancer and other degenerative diseases and look and feel 10 years
younger than their actual age.

My name is Dan Robey and over the past 18 years I have developed a proven, clinically researched
system that is backed by over 35,000+ hours of scientific and medical research. The program has now
been available around the world for over 11 years and proven to work with virtually every man and
woman who has followed the simple step-by-step program instructions....

Are You Suffering From Any Of The Following
Negative Conditions In Your Life?

  • Have you tried all the diet systems and books out there with no permanent success?

  • Do you lose weight for a short period of time only to gain it all back quickly?

  • Do you suffer from low energy and a lack of motivation?

  • Are you experiencing signs of premature aging such as grey hair, wrinkles and fat around your mid-section.

  • Are you suffering from poor health that affects your quality of life and ability to be productive in your career?

  • Do you suffer from chronic symptoms of depression, mood swings and low self esteem?

  • Do you suffer from joint pain in your back, knees , neck or arms that makes every day to day movement painful?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you can rest assured that this program will quickly reverse the negative conditions you have experienced and dramatically improve the quality of your life. I guarantee that it works and I have years of results to prove that it will work for you!

Success Story #1
  Emily A.

“ I Wake Up and Have A Starbucks Coffee and a
Bagel And Cream Cheese Every Morning and I am Still Losing
3lbs Every Week!”
My friends can’t believe that I have lost 12 Lbs in 30 days while still eating foods I love like a Starbucks Coffee every morning with a bagel and cream cheese. Dan’s “Nutritional Awareness” smart phone app diet habit is amazing! I don’t feel like I am on a diet! I eat lots of foods I love every day and 30 days into the diet I have lost 12 Lbs and continue to lose 3 Lbs every week like clockwork.
Emily A.  – (Chicago , USA)

Success Story #2   Jake R.

“I Had Bone On Bone Arthritis Knee Pain And Could Hardly Walk. Four Weeks After I Bought This Program I Am Running!”
Dan’s Program is more than just positive habits, its advanced scientific research that you will never see on mainstream television that can change your life! I had arthritis in my right knee that was so bad I could barely walk. My Doctor told me I needed a knee replacement that would be very painful and cost $35,000 dollars. I bought The Power Of Positive Habits and learned from Dan about a revolutionary new advanced medical procedure for joint pain that requires no surgery or drugs. Dan’s book even told me exactly how to find a specialist in my area who performed the procedure for one tenth the cost of a new knee. 4 weeks after this advanced outpatient procedure, I am not just walking without pain…. I am running!! God bless you Dan.
Jake S. Brisbane (Australia)

Success Story #3   Barbara L.

“ I had Severe Depression That Kept Me Homebound And Afraid To Go Out In Public. Dan’s Advanced Supplement Program For Depression Has Cured My Depression! ”
I have had severe depression and panic attacks for over 2 years. It was so bad I could not work or even leave my home for fear of another panic attack. A friend told me about Dan’s program. I had tried every anti-depression drug out there to no avail. Dan’s program includes an advanced supplement plan backed by scientific research. I immediately began taking the supplements and 4 weeks into the program I have had zero panic attacks, symptoms of depression are almost completely gone and I am back to work! Nobody, including my Doctor ever told me that proven natural alternatives to drugs even existed.  Now I know that there is another world of treatments out there for literally every disease or health condition that your Doctor does not know about!
Barbara L. NYC (USA)

Success Story #4   John R.

“I am 62 and I have the “Free Radical” levels of a 5 year old child,
I look and feel like I am 45!”

A friend of mine told me about the power of positive habits program. He told me the scientific research data on anti-aging in the program was very advanced. I bought it and learned about an amazing anti-aging health supplement developed by a top molecular scientist. I learned from Dan’s program that the primary indicator of how old you are is the level of free radicals you have in your body. These are cells damaged by environmental toxins and other causes. I had my blood tested to determine my free radical levels (they were at a level consistent with my age …62) Dan told me where to buy the supplement. I took it for 30 days and went back for a blood test. My free radical levels were that of a 5 year old child! I have been taking it for 8 months now and I can see grey hair disappearing and I feel incredible …my friends say I look younger. Thanks Dan!!

John R.  London (England)

This Revolutionary System Is Unique
Because It Gives You The Power To.

Lose 3 Lbs Every Week While Eating Foods You Love, Without Going On A Starvation Diet and Without Doing ANY Exercise!

My years of medical research resulted in the development of an amazing "High Tech" diet program that uses "Nutritional Awareness" and a powerful free smart phone app to give you the ability to lose 3 pounds every week like clockwork while still eating foods you love and not starving yourself.

I call it "Push Button Weight Loss" , because you literally push a button on your cell phone that take a couple seconds and you lose weight.
Imagine waking up every morning and having your favorite Starbuck coffee, a bagel with cream cheese and LOTS of other foods you love throughout the day knowing with scientific accuracy that you will lose 3 Lbs that week!

Your friends will all tell you its impossible to eat a bagel with cream cheese every morning and lose 3 lbs a week. In just 4 weeks you will be looking at their shocked faces as they look at a new you after you have lost 12 Lbs on the easiest diet on the planet!! Remember, it's based on proven science and the power of "Nutritional Awareness." It is the easiest diet you have ever been on because you don' have to starve yourself or change the foods you eat.

Guys, can you imagine going out to your favorite sports bar, having  a few beers with your friends AND STILL losing 3 lbs that week. Your buddies will tell you it's not possible to drink beer and lose weight ( especially belly fat)....guess what ....the scientists say they are wrong.  My advice is to only drink alchohol in moderation, but I will point you to many clinical studies in my program that prove moderate alcohol consumption has many health benefits.


Reprogram Your Sub Conscious Mind For Success

The Power Of Positive Habits System is based on a proven science that few people have even heard of, called "Cognitive Re-Structuring." A scientific process that is so simple that anyone, even a child can do it, yet it's effects are "Life Changing" and "Permanent."  Here is a simple explanation of how cognitive restructuring works. When you begin adding new habits, routines and thought patterns in your life, you are reprogramming your subconscious mind. You can tell yourself 1,000 times that you are going to eat healthy foods, exercise and regain your health …..BUT …if your sub-conscious mind does not share the same beliefs as your conscious mind you will never succeed. You can read 100 diet books , go to the gym, watch exercise videos, but you will fail to achieve your weight loss, health and fitness goals, and success in life if your subconscious mind has not been reprogrammed to achieve those goals. That is why The Power Of Positive Habits system succeeds when the other
Reverse Aging
Did you know that there are advanced biometric nutritional supplements developed by the worlds top genetic scientists that are availablefor purchase right now on the internet ( a one months supply will cost you less than a dinner out ). They will reduce your free radical cells to the level of a child in only 30 days.

Achieve More Success
But I did more than just read the books and comb through the scientific data.
I conducted phone interviews with the scientists who published the clinical studies. I asked them to give me the results of their latest medical studies, studies that were not even published, and guess what? They said yes! They were  more than happy to share their work with me because they new that it could change  the lives of millions of people around the world when my program was released.

How A Package Of Dental Floss
Forever Changed My Life...

I was 32 years old, working sixty hour weeks in a stress filled job as an information technology project manager for a large internet portal company. My morning would start with coffee and a bagel followed by a frustrating "bumper to bumper" commute to work that took 1 ½ hours on a good day and 2 hours on a bad day….each way.

When I got home from work I was totally exhausted. I would do my best to find quality time for my spouse and my daughter, help with homework, pay the bills and deal with all the things that families have to deal with on a day to day basis.

I was working myself to death …..and I had other problems.

My cholesterol was over 200, I was 30 pounds overweight, I was suffering from symptoms of premature aging, decreased energy, increased fat in my stomach , reduced muscle mass, mood changes, decreased stamina and strength, poor skin and my hair was turning grey….fast.

I was 32 going on 80!

My diet was horrible, I ate mostly processed foods with little nutritional value. I tried to lose weight by reading every diet book on the market and I tried them all. I would lose weight for a while during the time I was on the diet, but when I stopped the weight would come back. I was on the same diet rollercoaster that millions of people are on all over the world.

My life was about to change in a big way.

I went to my dentist to get a cavity filled. He told me that at 32 he was already seeing that I had signs of advanced gum disease, not good. Then he said " Let me ask you a question ….how often do you floss your teeth ?" I told him that I flossed my teeth a few times a week. Then he said something that would forever change my life.

He said "you should make flossing your teeth a DAILY habit." How could a simple statement like that completely change my life?

Here is the amazing, true story of what happened next. I went home from the dentist office and put a package of dental floss on my night stand next to my bed. Every morning I saw that package on the night stand and it reminded me to floss my teeth. After just 3 weeks I was flossing my teeth every single day ….I had created a new positive habit in my life!

My mind started spinning, how many other positive habits could I add to my life? What new positive habits should I add to my life? How about a new habit scientifically proven to boost my metabolism and help me burn more fat, quickly lose weight and keep it off permaneently . Positive diet and supplementation habits that would help lower my cholesterol, reverse aging , increase my energy levels , improve my skin, make me feel more motivated to succeed in all areas of my life.


20 Years Of Medical Research,
Experimentation and Success Stories

The adventure began, I decided to develop a program called "The Power of Positive Habits. " I had enough in savings in the bank to quit my job, so I did. I was looking for powerful, scientifically documented data that could be distilled into positive habits that would help me lose weight and get the body I always wanted, improve my self esteem,  increase my energy, reverse signs of aging , reduce my cancer risks , lower my cholesterol, , reduce my stress, lower my  blood pressure and more.

I wanted to be able to put my mind and body on "autopilot" with these new positive habits and experience the benefits validated by the clinical study data.     Now I was totally obsessed with my quest for new  positive habits. I used my skills as an internet developer from my previous job to conduct massive searches of online medical databases, university libraries, scientific research labs and virtually every source of knowledge on human health, fitness, physiology and longevity. 

In just 2 weeks I had accumulated over 120 gigabytes of research study documents! I bought every print  book, medical journal,  ebook and  audio book  I could find on lifestyle change, nutrition, anti-aging,  self esteem, cognitive behavior modification, advanced workout techniques, holistic health ,  nutrition and  exercise physiology , hormone replacement therapy and literally anything that would lead me to a new positive habit that would  change my life.

But I did more than just read the books and comb through the scientific data. I conducted phone interviews with the scientists who published the clinical studies. I asked them to give me the results of their latest medical studies, studies that were not even published, and guess what? They said yes! They were  more than happy to share their work with me because they new that it could change  the lives of millions of people around the world when my program was released. 

I began distilling the massive amount of data into literally 100's  of powerful, clinically proven Positive Habits. 

Next, I began adding the new positive habits I had found to my lifestyle. It was simple, I would just repeat an action, movement, or thought pattern for 21 days. I knew from my research that this was the amount of time required to add a new habit to a persons life.
Within just 3 weeks I began losing weight, I dropped 3 lbs a week, exactly what the research said I would lose. And, I was still eating the foods I loved and I had not even started my new exercise habits yet! The weight was coming off without exercise.  Every week my weight dropped by 3 Lbs, it was consistent, sustainable and permanent!

Within 90 days I had lost 36 Lbs, my cholesterol had dropped from 223 to 110,

I added new advanced workout habits to my lifestyle,  my body fat index dropped  12 percent, I started supplementation habits to increase my testosterone levels, burn more fat and get lean and muscular.  I added lean muscle mass quickly, my energy went through the roof, motivation and my self esteem was through the roof. My grey hair started to disappear as did other early signs of premature aging.
The scientifically validated positive habits I had added to my life were completely transforming my mind . And here is the best part ….it was easy. 


Here Is What Amazed Me …
Other Man and Woman Who Used This
System Got the SAME Results

I introduced The Power Of Positive Habits system to a test group of 43 men and women and was shocked to find that in only six weeks, 43 out of the 43 test group subjects experienced the same benefits that I experienced.  Here is what is really exciting. The system worked for Women and Men at age levels ranging from 22 to 78 .

All men and women experienced the following benefits:

  • They felt rejuvenated, had more energy and reported looking younger and feeling more vibrant.

  • They began losing weight immediately during the first 3 weeks on the program , average weight loss reported was approximately 3 Lbs per week for participants who did not exercise. Program participants who added exercise routines lost weight even faster.

  • Major improvements in other unrelated health conditions were also reported.

  • Two months into the program they reported increased physical stamina, diminished wrinkles and age spots, increases in lean muscle, and reduction in belly fat.

  • They felt happier, had less stress, and were more motivated to succeed in all areas of their lives.

  • Relationships with their loved ones improved, productivity at work went up and they experienced improved sleep and improved self esteem.

Success Story #5
  Beverly S.

“ I lost 24 Lbs in 56 days and I never felt like I was on a diet!”

I have tried EVERY diet out there and NOTHING compares with Dan’s nutritional awareness smart phone app diet. Here is a typical day for me, for breakfast I have coffee and a toasted English muffin ( yes with butter ), for lunch I usually have a chicken Caesar salad, for dinner grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and a couple of glasses of red wine with my girlfriends. I will snack on 3 or 4 blueberry yogurts during the day and at night while watching my favorite TV show, oh yea, I will also have a couple pieces of delicious dark chocolate for desert! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE I AM ON A DIET? Guess what….I can eat like this every single day and lose 3 Lbs every week with scientific accuracy because for the first time in my life I am nutritionally aware of what I am consuming. It’s push button weight loss. Ladies…this is so frigging easy you won’t believe it!

Beverly S. ( Miami, FL )


I Was Amazed At What My
Research Revealed:

My research resulted in the discovery of the SINGLE most important ANT-AGING supplement in existance today. It was developed and patented by the worlds top genetic biologists. It is clinically proven to reduce your free radical levels to those of a child in only 30 days, affordable and available for purchase on the internet , chances are your Doctor has never even heard of it . Make it a habit to take this supplement every day and watch as signs of premature aging (Grey hair, wrinkles , poor skin) disappear. It will make you look and feel 10 years younger.
I discovered simple, clinically proven diet and supplementation habits that will naturally boost your metabolism, flatten your stomach, and help you burn fat at an accelerated rate.

My research uncovered dozens of powerful  anti-aging superfoods that contained more nutrient value per ounce than any other foods on the planet . Add them to meals,  smoothies, salads and watch as your health improves and your energy skyrockets. Their are all contained in the program
I discovered  4 common food additives that will make you age faster, chances are they are in some of the foods you are eating now .  You will learn exactly what they are and how to avoid them.
6 Healthy Foods That Will Make You FAT! .....Never eat these foods! (You will be shocked when you see the fat content of these so called healthy foods that are being served at some of the most popular restaurants in the world!)
  I discovered a clinically proven habit that will enable you to eat tons of carbs and NEVER store them as fat

The Power Of Positive Habits Program Is Completely Different From Any other Diet or Self Improvement Information Book Or Program Because....

The Power Of Positive Habits Shows You How To Re-Program Your Mind to Achieve Results Immediately after you start following the program. You will begin losing weight and burning more fat within days, and as you implement more techniques in the program you will experience increased energy, more motivation, improvements in your skin and hair. . The program is totally interactive, as you follow it you will choose the positive habits that provide the benefits that fit your personal goals.

The Power Of Positive Habits is not a short term fix for problems in your life , it is a lifetime solution that completely changes who you are from the inside out. Your lifestyle will change , your routines and habits will change, your thought patterns wiill change and you sub conscious will be re-programmed for success in all areas of your life.


The Program manual teaches you how to re-program your mind and body by adding new positive habits, thought patterns and routines to your lifestyle. Once you have added a new positive habit or routine to your life, you will be on “autopilot.” Regardless of the goals you have set, you will now be reaching them automatically! Weight loss will be automatic and permanent, your health will improve automatically, you will be more motivated, have more energy and look and feel 10 years younger than your actual age.


Imagine being able to lose 3 Lbs every week while still eating the foods you love (Lots of them!) The smart phone app diet is based on a new science called  “ Nutritional Awareness ” combined with an incredibly powerful free smart phone app that allows you to literally push a button and lose weight!

* No Prepared Foods
* Exercise is not required
* Eat lots of the foods you love and still lose weight
* You will NEVER feel like you are on a diet
* Lose 3 Lbs every week like clockwork without sacrifice
* In 30 days you will drop 12 Lbs


Imagine going from “bone on bone” knee pain that makes walking almost impossible to running in just 4 weeks without knee replacement, drugs or surgery! Sound impossible? There are 1,000’s of people doing exactly that with breakthrough medical procedures that your Doctor will never tell you about and you will never see on TV.

* A secret vitamin pill cancer doctors take every day to cancer proof their bodies
* Cure crippling depression in weeks with this amazing proven natural supplement


Imagine being trained in your local gym or at home by top celebrity trainers. The same celebrity trainers who have trained Shakira, Lenny Kravits, Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat, Wes Walker – Denver Broncos, Frank Gore San Francisco 49’ers and many more!

These guys know ALL the most advanced workout tips and tricks that will give you a rock hard body with 6 pack abs faster than you thought possible! Just walk into your gym and fire up your smart phone and watch dozens of training videos from the best of the best. One hour of personal training with these guys would set you back $500 dollars. This extremely powerful module is included in the complete Power Of Positive Habits System.