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Medical Research Author, Nutrition Specialist, and Health Consultant
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Discover How Dan Robey Taught Thousands Of People Around The World How To
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By Dan Robey - Medical Researcher, Nutrition Specialist, Health Consultant and Best Selling Author

Dear Success Seeker,

You're about to discover what may be the most powerful life changing system ever developed. It's based on 1,000's of hours of scientific research.

My name is Dan Robey and over the past 18 years I have developed a proven, clinically researched system that is backed by over 35,000+ hours of scientific and medical research. It is the only integrated system in existance that can transform virtually every aspect of your life including your health , fitness and longevity.

Are You Suffering From Any Of The Following Negative Conditions In Your Life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you can rest assured that this program will quickly reverse the negative conditions you have experienced and dramatically improve the quality of your life.

I guarantee that it works and I have years of results to prove that it will work for you!

Success Story #1

"The Power Of Positive Habits Program Has Completely Transformed My Life!"

Hey guys , I want to share my experience with Dan's program because I know this can help a lot of people and maybe I can be a part of that.

I had tried EVERY diet out there, Atkins, Jenny Craig, you name it I tried it.... and NOTHING compared with Dan's nutritional awareness "No Sacrifice" diet. All the diets made me change my life and I never stayed on any of them for more than a couple months...its was just too much work and NOT FUN. Dan's "No Sacrifice" diet is the's fun!

I start out reading the program manual which taught me how to easily add new habits to my conscious and subconscious mine, the of course the first habit I added was the smart phone habit. The "No Scarifice" diet manual showed me every step to install and configuring the app on my iphone....super easy. Then I started my new smart phone habit of entering the foods I ate ever day literally only took a few seconds because it started remembering the foods I ate a lot and then I just clicked on the food

Here was a typical day for me, for breakfast I always have coffee at panera , or starbucks or a local spot and I love my flavored cream cheese bagels , I used to feel guilty every time I ate that. Not anymore! , for lunch I usually would have a pasta salad , for dinner a tuna casserole or something like that and a couple of glasses of red wine with my girlfriends.

Here is why I LOVE this new habit of nutritional awareness combined with the smart phone app made me feel in control for the first time in my life! I always new
that I was losing weight because with the click of a button I could see that I was in the losing weight zone ......that is empowering . First week I lost exactly 3 Lbs , it's physics ....I knew I would lose 4 weeks I lost 14 lbs ...not 12 because a couple days I was actually under the losing weight zone. It was like I never went on a diet at all, was never hungrey , I never felt guilty when I ate because I knew I was in the losing weight zone. I will be doing this for the rest of my life because it's fun and you should see how I look now! Ladies.. this is so frigging easy you won't believe it!


Emma A. – (Sydney, Australia)

Success Story #2

"I Wake Up and Have A Starbucks Coffee and a Bagel And Cream Cheese Every Morning, and I am Losing 3 lbs Every Week!"

I have lost 12 Lbs in 4 weeks while eating lot's of the foods that I love with Dan's "Nutritional Awareness" smart phone diet habit. I NEVER feel like I am on a diet at all! I eat lots of foods I love every day, and 30 days into the diet I continue to lose 3 Lbs every week like clockwork! Thanks for my new body Dan!

Barbera A. ( NYC, USA )

Success Story #3

"I Had Bone On Bone Arthritis Knee Pain And Could Hardly Walk. Four Weeks After I Bought This Program I Am Running!"

Dan’s Program is more than just positive habits, its advanced scientific research that you will never see on mainstream television that can change your life! I had arthritis in my right knee that was so bad I could barely walk. My Doctor told me I needed a knee replacement that would be very painful and cost $35,000 dollars. I bought The Power Of Positive Habits and learned from Dan about a revolutionary new advanced medical procedure for joint pain that requires no surgery or drugs. Dan’s book even told me exactly how to find a specialist in my area who performed the procedure for one tenth the cost of a new knee. 4 weeks after this advanced outpatient procedure, I am not just walking without pain…. I am running!! God bless you Dan.

Liam S. (Vancouver , Canada)

This Revolutionary System Is Unique Because It Gives You The Power To.

Lose 3 Lbs Every Week While Eating Foods You Love!

My years of medical research resulted in the development of a clinically proven "High Tech" diet program, based on a new science called "Nutritional Awareness," a new positive habit, and a super powerful smart phone app that keeps you in a 3 Lbs per week "Weight Loss Zone" even while you are eating lots of the foods you love and with no requiremeent for exercise. In just 4 weeks you will lose 12 Lbs and NEVER feel like you are on a diet . You don't need to exercise to lose 3 Lbs every week, BUT I highly recommend that you make it a habit to add some level of regular exercise to your life, and as you will see below we have brought some of the world's top celebrity personal trainers into this program to help you get a smoking hot body without having to spend hours in a gym.

I call it the "No Scarifice" diet because you literally don't have to make any sacrifices to lose weight, you eat LOT's of the foods you love and lose 12 Lbs every 30 days! There are NO RESTRICTIONS on the foods you eat......NONE! It's so easy.Imagine eating foods you love to eat with no guilt knowing with scientific accuracy that you will lose 3 Lbs every week , 6 Lbs by week two, 9 Lbs by week 3 , 12 Lbs by the end of week 4 and continue losing 3 Lbs every week ... until you reach your target weight. Once you have reached your target weight you will NEVER gain the weight back. That's right I said NEVER!

Your friends will all tell you its impossible to eat a bagel with cream cheese every morning and lose 3 lbs a week. Scientists have proven them wrong. In just 4 weeks you will be looking at your friends shocked faces as they look at a new you, after you have lost 12 Lbs! Remember, it's based on the proven science of "Nutritional Awareness." a positive habit, and a super powerful smart phone app that always tells you when you are in the losing weight zone. It is the easiest diet you have ever been on because you NEVER feel like you are on a diet at all.

Guys, can you imagine going out to your favorite sports bar, having a couple beers with your friends AND STILL losing 3 lbs that week. Your buddies will tell you it's not possible to drink beer and lose weight ( especially belly fat)....guess what ....the scientists have proven them wrong and there are even new studies that show that moderate consumption of beer and wine provides cardiovascular health benefits.

The Only Fitness & Wellness Program That Brings Celebrity Personal Trainers Right Into Your Home Or Gym To Train You!

Positive Habits 2.0 is the only program on the market that brings the worlds top celebrity personal trainers right into your home or gym . training you one one, at your own pace, 24/7... on your smart phone or tablet .... helping you to quickly get the body you have always wanted and a success filled life that most people can only dream about. These are the same trainers who have trained Shakira (want those six pack abs!) Lenny Kravitz, Wes Walker of the Denver Broncos, Frank Gore of the 49er's, Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat and many more. Nobody can get you in shape faster than these guys! They normally charge their famous clients $500 an hour for a session but you won't have to pay that. You will have access to hours of celebrity workout videos. Learn the most advanced workout techniques that only movie stars , famous NFL and NBA atletes and celebrities know about. They will teach you the workout secrets they use to help like Brad Pitt look ripped in weeks! All of this is included in the Positive Habits system, the only integrated diet, fitness and welnes program in the world.

Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Did you know that there is an advanced biometric nutritional supplement developed by one of the worlds top genetic scientists. It can reduce the free radicals in your body to that of a newborn child, regardless of your age. (Free Radicals are damaged cells that increase in our bodies as we age, the more you have the older you look and feel. Sound like science fiction? It's not. You will never see a television ad for this product that many scientists are calling the fountain of youth. ( a one months supply will cost you less than a dinner out and I will tell you exactly where you can get it ). Just one of many breakthrough products in The Positive Habits System.

Incredibly EVERY Man and Woman Who Used This System Got the SAME Results.

I first introduced The Power Of Positive Habits system to a test group of 43 men and women, and I was shocked to find that in only six weeks, 43 out of 43 test group subjects experienced the same benefits that I experienced! Here is what is really exciting, the system worked for both Women and Men, at age levels ranging from 22, to 78.

All men and women experienced the following benefits:

"If Success, Improved Health and Happiness Are Your Life Destinations, The Power Of Positive Habits can Take You There. This Is a Simple But Powerful Program That Can Transform Your Life!"

Jack Canfield #1 NY Times Best-selling Author of "Chicken Soup For the Soul" "

Success Story #4

"I Went From 240 Lbs With a 42 Inch Waist To 210 with a 36 Inch Waist In 6 Weeks"

I was searching online for a program that would help me lose weight, and keep it off. I came across your web site and I was impressed by the amount of research you had done and the resumes of the personal trainers on your team. I saw that you were offering a money back guarantee so I purchased your e-book program knowing that if it was not for me I could simply ask for a refund. The way I looked at it, the biggest risk for me was to keep doing what I was doing, because that WAS NOT working!

Before I started the program I weighed 240 Lbs, and I had a 42 inch waist. I decided to get aggressive and started doing the celebrity workouts 3 times a week. These guys are awesome! I just went to the gym with my Iphone and watched the training videos, I started with a trainer named Ramsey, he has trained Wes Walker of the Denver Broncos and Frank Gore of the 49er's, so i figured he knew some pretty wild workout techniques. I was right. I was blown away with the advanced training techniques I learned from Ramsey.

After just weeks on the "No Sacrifice" smart phone app diet and the new workout routines program, my weight dropped from 240 Lbs to 210 and my waist size went down from 42 to 36! Like Dan says , "Its all in the science, its just math, it cannot fail if you follow the program." Here is an example of what I ate on an average day, oatmeal for breakfast , 3 blueberry yogurts , 4 protein shakes , 2 salads , grilled chicken, and I even had chocolate after dinner....and I was still within parameters of the program to lose 3 Lbs every week .

My friends that have not seen me for a few weeks all say the same thing, "WOW, you look great ...what have you been doing?" I am so glad I bought your program. Its easy sticking to a program that does not require you to starve yourself. I have a new lifestyle now, and I will reach my goal of 185 Lbs, and for the first time in my life .....stay there !!

Eddie H. (Orlando, USA)

Success Story #5

"I lost 24 lbs in 56 days and I never felt like I was on a diet!"

I have tried EVERY diet out there and NOTHING compare's with Dan's nutritional awareness "No Sacrifice" diet. Here is a typical day for me, for breakfast, I have coffee and a toasted English muffin (yes with butter), for lunch I usually have a chicken Caesar salad, for dinner grilled talapia fish with steamed broccoli and couple of glasses of red wine with my girlfriends. I will snack on some yogurts during the day and at night while watching my favorite TV show. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE I AM ON A DIET? Guess what.. I can eat like this every single day and lose 3 lbs every week with scientific accuracy because for the first time in my life I am nutritionally aware of what I am consuming. It's push button weight loss. Ladies.. this is so frigging easy you won't believe it!

Beverly S. (Miami, FL)

Here Is a Small Sample Of What You Will Learn And Experience When You Download The Power Of Positive Habits System Today:

Here Is What You Get During Launch Week:

The entire Power Of Positive Habits system is laid out for you in a simple to follow, step-by-step simple a child could do it.

The Only System In Existence That Will Completely Transform Your Mind And Body In Just Weeks!

4 Powerful System Manuals

Program Manual

Learn how to use the science of cognitive restructuring to reprogram your habits, thought patterns, habits and routines, to reach your health, fitness and success goals automatically

The Smart Phone App Diet

Begin immediately losing 3 lbs every week while still eating lots of the foods you love using the science of “nutritional awareness” and an incredibly powerful free smart phone app.


Reverse and even eliminate symptoms of chronic diseases with medical breakthroughs and health supplements you will never hear about on TV or from your doctor.


Watch dozens of amazing workout videos from top celebrity personal trainers and get those 6 pack abs you have always wanted!

The Programming Manual

(Value $49 )

Instantly re-program your mind and body to reach your health, fitness, weight loss and success goals by adding new positive habits, thought patterns and routines to your lifestyle.

Regardless of the goals you have set, you will now be reaching them automatically! Weight loss will be automatic and permanent, your health will improve automatically, you will be more motivated, have more energy, and look and feel 10 years younger than your actual age.

"The Power of Positive Habits" program is jam-packed full of dozens and dozens of medically researched positive habits that will transform your life and the lives of your children.....and new positive habits are being added every week!

The "No Sacrifice" Diet Program
(Includes Instant Free Access To The Diet App)


(Value $39 )

Begin losing 3 Lbs every week IMMEDIATELY after your download this manual. The manual guides you through every step including:

1. How to download the app to your smart phone

2. How to configure the App for your body type and weight

3. How to set the 3 Lbs a week goal

4. How To add foods to the app

5. How to know that you are always in the weight loss zone.

6. No exercise required

Add the Positive Habit of logging the foods you consume during the day to the smart phone app. Takes seconds. You literally push a button 3 times a day and lose weight by utilizing the science of "Nutritional Awareness," and the powerful free smart phone app that contains a database of over 3 million foods. The smart phone diet app will always let you know when you are in the "losing weight" zone. It is amazing how much food you will be able to eat every day and still stay in the "losing weight " zone. You will NEVER feel hungry! Welcome to the “Push Button” diet, the easiest diet on the planet. Remember, you can eat lot’s of the foods you love while on this diet and unlike most popular diets there are no food restrictions!


By Week 4, you have lost 12 pounds eating
foods you love with virtually no sacrifice. Guaranteed!

Where other diets have failed you, The No Sacrifice Smart Phone App diet virtually guarantees your success because for the first time in your life you will become "Nutritionally Aware." You will know with scientific accuracy the nutritional values of the foods you consume everyday...and it only takes a few seconds! Here is the good news. It is amazing how much food you can eat while still losing 3 pounds every week! This is not a starvation diet, in fact, you will be eating so much food that you will never feel like you are on a diet at all. Here are other advantages of the No Sacrifice Diet;

The Celebrity Trainer Workout Videos Module

(Value $99 )

Walk into your local gym and ask how much one hour of personal training costs. In most gyms it's about $75 dollars PER HOUR!
Guess what? The Celebrity Trainer Workout module comes with hours of advanced video workout routines but remember, these are the same celebrity trainers who have trained Movie Stars, Famous Athletes, and Celebrities like Shakira, Lenny Kravits, Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat, Wes Walker of the Denver Broncos, Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49’ers, and many more! They don't charge $75 an hour. There lowest rate is $200 an hour and their high end clients pay $500 an hour.

Lets do the math. If you worked out twice a week for one hour with one of our celebrity trainers... even at their lowest rate it would cost you $400 a week, that's $1600 in one month! During launch week we dropped the price $1500 to only $99 dollars ....but wait , you have not seen the final launch package final price !!

Regardless of whether you are in shape , out of shape , 10 Lbs , 20 Lbs , or 100 pounds overweight... there is NOBODY on the planet that can get you that lean toned body faster than the trainers the pros rely on.

They know ALL the latest cutting edge cutting strategies and now they will be training you with hours of powerful "one on one" advanced workout videos on your , I-Pad, Smart Phone or Laptop. In your home or gym...all included in The Power Of Positive Habits System.

Simply click on a category of exercise workouts, all the training videos are mobile enabled....that means you can put on your headphones ... fire up your I-phone at the gym or home and have a top celebrity trainer train you as if he were standing right in front of you. Here is just a small sample of the dozens of advanced workouts that come with The Power Of Positive Habits System. The same workouts that our celebrity personal trainers use to get their high profile movie star and famous athlete clients into unbelievable shape!

The Advanced Health Supplements and Medical Breakthroughs Manual

(Value $49 )

Did you know there are medical discoveries made every year that can cure or reverse the symptoms of dozens of diseases, fight aging, help you live a longer, and healthier life? The Advanced Health Supplements and Medical Breakthroughs contains powerful clinically proven cures to many chronic diseases.

What if I told you that there is a breakthrough medical procedure that will make it possible for someone with arthritic knee pain so bad that every step forward is pure agony to be running down the street with NO PAIN in 6 weeks with no surgery or drugs! Sound's not, and here is the best news, it costs hundreds of dollars ....not $35,000 like your average Knee Replacement. Top NFL players know about this miracle joint cure ...why don't you?






Millions of people suffer needlessly when the cure to their debilitating condition is readily available ....they just don't know it!

It's all about money. You see, these new medical breakthrough treatments, and advanced health supplement products cannot be patented. That means the big pharmaceutical companies will NEVER promote them, because they can't control the patent rights, and make millions of dollars, and sometimes even billions of dollars off of one product! You will learn all about this amazing breakthrough in the Advanced Supplements and Breakthrough Supplements manual and MANY other cures and preventative advanced health supplements.

Here are just a few of the conditions that can safely and effectively be treated with new medical breakthroughs and advanced health supplements in this manual. You will NEVER hear about this in the mainstream media or from your Doctor.

  • Diabetes
  • Neck Pain
  • Depression
  • Alzheimers
  • Panic Attacks
  • Headaches
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Whiplash
  • Degenerated discs
  • Herniated Discs
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Torn Meniscus
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bone on Bone Conditions
  • Neck Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • COPD
  • Osteoporosis
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
  • Obesity
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post Surgical Pain
  • Prosthetic Joints
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

By Making This Wise Decision, You Will...

The Power of Positive Habits System


Guarantee #1
Get Lean fast and Stay Lean Permanently

When you begin the program you will start to see noticeable results in just days, and here is the best news! Because you will be changing your core habits and routines, your results will be permanent as long as you remain committed to following the program instructions.

Guarantee #2
High Quality and Superior Customer Service

Every aspect of the Positive habits System has been designed to be a simple Step By Step program that delivers powerful results quickly. Our dedicated customer service team will be available to guide you at any time as you begin your transformation. you won't be going it alone.

Guarantee #3
Use The System For 60 Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will get the fastest results you have EVER seen, we will give you 100% of your money back no questions asked if you are unhappy for ANY reason regardless of what your goals are.

During Launch Week We Are Givng You Some Amazing Life Changing Gifts And A Discount So Big My Accountant Wants To Kill Me

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FREE! The Complete Power Of Positive Habits Version 1 Audiobook
( 2 CD Set MP3 Format )

Quick Start GuideIn just a few minutes you can learn how to Re-Program your Mind and Body and reach your goals Automatically. That is exactly what The Power of Positive Habits audio program can do for you, based on Best Selling book with bonus material added.

Quick Start GuideYou get the 2 CD studio audio recording of "The Power of Positive Habits" program narrated by the author, Dan Robey on instant download MP3 format. Put it on your I-Phone or burn a CD and play in your car. Truely Life Changing!

  • Improve your Health...Automatically
  • Lose Weight ...Automatically (and keep it off Permanently)
  • Improve your Relationships...Automatically
  • Have Unlimited and Boundless Energy...Automatically
  • Be More Motivated...Automatically
  • Have Higher Self-Esteem...Automatically


"Unlimited Confidence Audio Program"

Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets

  • Create The Confidense You Want Instantly
  • Apply Confidense Everywhere In Your Life
  • 2 Hour Powerful Hypnotherapy Program Created By Celebrity Hynotherapist Steve G. Jones


"FREE Male Health Issues Report:
Feeling Older than Your Age?

Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets

  • Having Intimacy Problems?
  • Is Your Weight Causing Concern?
  • Mineral to take before bed to boost growth hormone
  • Food that can increase testosterone

This is a must have new guide....It's simply called "Male Health Issues." Innocuous as the name sounds it's a "how to" roadmap to the aging male body. It will tell you exactly what issues you need to watch out for and what to do if you experience them.

There really is male menopause. . And yes, it's discussed in "Male Health Issues." as are over 12 issues related to healthy aging in men.


"FREE Healthy Relationships Report"

Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets

Everything you need to know about achieving a healthier relationships is included in this special report:

  • The connection between a healthy self and healthy relationships
  • Inner Self and Healthy Relationships
  • The importance of communication
  • Feedback alternatives for a healthier self and relationships
  • Meditation for a healthier self and relationships
  • How to build a healthier relationships
  • Understanding habits


"Video - The Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Exercises"

Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets

Watch This Video as Celebrity Personal Trainer Gus Hernandez Teaches You The Top 5 Exercises That Will Skyrocket Your Testosterone Levels.

Take Your Smart Phone To The Gym And Watch The Videos On Your Phone As He Teaches You Exactly How To Perform Each Exercise For Maximum Results

The Complete Power Of Positive Habits System

Program Manual

The NO Sacrifice Smart Phone App Diet



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I look forward to hearing about your success in transforming your life using my Power Of Positive Habits System.

Please send your testimonials, questions, and transformation success stories to me personally at:

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